Viking Consult for Organisations

In line with our mission to transform commercial sales capabilities across Africa, our consulting approach seeks to develop and deploy bespoke solutions focusing on addressing opportunities in the core areas of commercial strategy, product and service distribution, frontline leadership development, capacity and capability building, salesforce effectiveness and market execution excellence.

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Our Process

At Viking Consult we believe that the journey to realization of your Commercial performance objectives begins by building individual and organizational capability to deliver brilliant execution of your Commercial Strategies.

This model has been proven in our engagement with a variety of our commercial clients...

...and can work for your business too.

Working with your commercial leadership teams, we analyze the latent commercial opportunities and organizational design, develop bespoke commercial execution standards customized for your business, conduct baseline training to cascade the standards and knowledge required for their execution, define measurement architecture and oversee its deployment and conversion into actionable performance insights. In addition to the foregoing, our approach places great emphasis on the development of first-line leaders to embed the requisite capabilities and behaviors into your organization’s execution culture. This approach generates sustainability in the delivery of your commercial agenda.

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Our Reach

We have wide experience across Sub-Saharan Africa, and have developed a network that stands ready to engage with your business in the following countries.

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana, DRC, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Madagascar, Mauritius, Djibouti, Somaliland, Reunion & Mayotte

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Services offered


We carry out feasibility studies, satisfaction surveys and trade audits to generate relevant, actionable insights. We are then able to develop and deploy solutions that deliver your desired objectives. Our data-mining is supported by tailor made e-enabled solutions that enable the procurement and analysis of real-time data for insight generation and decision making.

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We work within your defined salesforce effectiveness frameworks to embed flawless sales and market execution into your salesteam’s ways of working for sustainable delivery of your commercial objectives. Informed by fact-based insights, Viking Consult partners with you to deliver, among others: diagnosis of sales capabilities, training of sales personnel, coaching, first line leadership capability development and mentoring, reward and incentive recommendations, performance reviews (linked to business outcomes) and performance reporting.

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We believe that an effective Distribution framework is a fundamental ingredient for commercial success. As such, Viking Consult aims to ensure that your commercial propositions are brought to market in the most sustainable, effective and efficient manner. We work with your commercial teams as well as your appointed distribution partners to deliver competitive advantage at every step of the value chain.

This includes setting and monitoring of distributor standards, enhancing the commercial capabilities of distributor staff, measuring the outcomes of distribution efforts and recommending interventions as required, generating customer service insights from tailor-made customer satisfaction surveys, competition tracking through in-trade data collection and analysis, among others.

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In-trade presentation and activation of brands has the potential to influence their performance at the consumers’ point of decision. Viking Consult works with clients' sales teams to ensure that the customer- and consumer-facing teams are performing at their peak to deliver competitive advantage. We execute this in a variety of ways:

  • Developing and deploying relevant training modules and embedding their execution by measuring, accompanying and coaching your frontline sales personnel
  • Honing your first line leaders' capabilities to ensure that your commercial execution efforts are sustainable.
  • Providing trained sales resource to bridge any gaps in the areas of commercial insight, market execution, customer marketing, customer engagement, experiential marketing execution and in-trade quality assurance.

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Through effective services, unrivalled expertise, and extensive contacts, Viking Consult enables companies to improve their performance through their people.

Our expertise spans the entire employment lifecycle – from attraction and communications, managed recruitment and assessment, executive search, assessment to coaching, to learning and development.

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Viking Consult will partner with your company to identify and recruit business leaders with the right skills and experiences to impact business performance.

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Understanding the capability of your people can mean the difference between business success and failure. Viking Consult helps companies predict how their people will perform in different roles, teams, organizations and cultures ensuring that people ‘fit’, perform and maximize their potential in order to deliver tangible business results.

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Supporting people to become effective, future focused and strategic leaders goes beyond ensuring they have the right management skills and experience. Viking Consult offers development programs that are integrated with proven assessment techniques to ensure people perform, adapt and create the future of the organization.

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